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The Minimally-Invasive General Surgeon Your Doctor Would Go To

Dr. Rockson Liu is one of the Best General Surgeons in the Country with Expertise in Minimally-Invasive Surgeries, Including Umbilical Hernia Repair, Inguinal Hernia Repair, Abdominal Hernia Surgery, and more

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Needing a hernia operation or surgery of any kind is anxiety-inducing for the majority of people.

If you’re feeling any sort of intimidation or fear, you’re not alone. 

We get it. We believe you deserve a hernia surgeon who is leading the way for advanced general surgery and new hernia repair techniques. One who other world-class surgeons look to, to better their own skills. And a surgeon who combines those undeniable technical skills with compassion and support for your healthcare.

You deserve the best in the industry. 

That is Dr. Rockson Liu.

The Best Hernia Surgeons from these prominent hospitals come to learn
minimally-Invasive techniques from Dr. Rockson Liu

Surgical Procedures Using Advanced Techniques and Leading-Edge Technology:

What We Do:

Minimally-Invasive Hernia Repair Surgery

Rather than the large incisions of traditional surgery that take longer to heal, we perform minimally-invasive surgeries through small incisions only 5-8mm (¼”-⅓”) long. 

How We Do It:

Hernia Surgeon With Robotics-Assisted Techniques

Hernia specialist Dr. Liu uses a daVinci machine in surgeries, which gives him “additional hands” that enhance his movements. He has successfully completed over 1000 minimally-invasive, robotics-assisted surgeries.

Why We Do It This Way:

The Unmatched Benefits

You shouldn’t have to plan your life around a longer recovery time. We want you to get back to normal life as fast as possible. Evidence shows that minimally-invasive, robotics-assisted surgeries are the leading way to do that. 

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What Our Patients Had to Say: 

Take Control of Your Health with Our Advanced Techniques in These Surgical Procedures:

Conditions We Treat
Dr. Liu is the premier West Coast hernia repair specialist. He covers all types, such as umbilical hernia surgery, double hernia surgery, surgical mesh, inguinal hernia repair, abdominal hernia surgery, and more.
We're here to help improve your quality of life by reducing chronic acid reflux through anti-reflux surgery.
Gallstone attacks or sharp pains in your abdomen get in the way of a normal life. We'll help you remedy that!
Whether we're treating colon or rectal cancer, or diverticulitis, we can help you through the process.
Whether we're removing tumors or your glands are producing too many hormones, we'll help you through the adrenal surgery process.
Blockages, cancerous or precancerous polyps, and severe ulcers may indicate a need for small intestinal surgery. We can help!
If you have a ruptured spleen, you may be a candidate for a splenectomy procedure. We'll walk you through the process!
A sore or infected appendix is prone to rupture or bursting. We'll guide you through a minimally-invasive appendectomy.
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Meet Dr. Rockson Liu, MD, FACS

The leading minimally-invasive, robotics-assisted general surgeon in the country

With 1000+ minimally-invasive, robotics-assisted surgeries completed, and a 100% success rate in ending recurrent hernias other surgeons were unable to solve, Dr. Liu has made a name for himself as the premier minimally-invasive general surgeon in the United States. 

Dr. Liu approaches every surgery with technical mastery and creative problem-solving. Those two skills allow for a faster recovery, minimal pain, and reduced scarring. 

About Dr. Liu

If you need general surgery or an inguinal hernia repair… 

Meet with the leading minimally-invasive, robotics-assisted surgeon on the West Coast. 

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The leading minimally-invasive general and hernia repair surgeon on the West Coast, serving patients in the greater SF Bay Area. 

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